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    Matty & Bobby mentioned on Colbert Report! 

    Unfortunately embedding the video has proved to be a real bitch, but you can check out the link below to watch the clip.


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    Matty and Bobby Kiss poster

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    In the wake of Matty & Bobby’s kiss… 

    Taylor Clementi

    Just days after Matty & Bobby became the first homosexuals to break the world record for longest continuous kiss, a gay Rutgers University student named Tyler Clementi logged on to his Facebook page and posted his final message to the world: “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

    Three days earlier on September 19th, as Matty, Bobby and supporters around the world celebrated the pair’s achievement, Tyler’s roommate secretly filmed him having a sexual encounter with another male. He alerted his Twitter followers and streamed the encounter on the internet–live, just like Matty & Bobby’s kiss. But this time, the video proved devastating rather than empowering. It is suspected that the publicly humiliating incident prompted Tyler to kill himself days later.

    Tyler’s not the only one. In fact, he’s the most recent in a string of gay youth suicides.

    Seth Walsh

    Also on September 19th, 13-year -old Seth Walsh of Tehachapi, California hanged himself from a tree in his backyard. Though he initially survived his suicide attempt, he was put on life support and died yesterday from the injuries. He, too, was reportedly distraught from the constant bullying he received at his middle school because he was gay.

    Asher Brown

    Sadly, there’s more. Asher Brown, also 13, was another victim of school bullying, killing himself with a gunshot to the head just last week in the wake of persistent torment from schoolmates for being gay.

    Billy Lucas, a 15 year old from Indiana, hanged himself on September 9th after years of being called a “fag” and mocked by his classmates for his sexual orientation.

    Matty & Bobby collected money during their event to be donated to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit suicide prevention group supporting LGBTQ youth. Though the donation bucket at the live event had little over $150 in it by the end of the night, online viewers (who numbered in the thousands) were encouraged to donate as well.

    Fortunately, other public figures are tackling the rampant issue of homophobia-perpetuated youth suicides. Most notably, Dan Savage, a syndicated advice columnist and openly gay journalist disturbed by Billy Lucas’s death, started the It Gets Better Project. The project took the form of a YouTube channel on which Savage encourages gay adults to reassure LGBTQ youths that life does, in fact, get better — especially once they leave the narrow confines of high school. Savage’s initial video, which currently has over 227,000 views, features him and his partner Terry describing their own struggles growing up as gay youths in conservative areas. His message continues to grow: the channel itself now consists of over 150 other videos from gay adults telling their own stories and urging gay youths to keep going, marked with a collective reassurance that they will find happiness in time. Watch the original It Gets Better video below, and show your support by adding your own video and donating what you can to the Trevor Project:

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    Be On The Lookout 

    for really good unsigned local bands. I know everybody knows a few. I need music and lots of it to score the two films I’m working on, but of course I can’t use anything that’s copyrighted or tied to a label. So if you find something you think would work, please tell me about it. Instrumental is best, but lots of things could work. If the artists are friends of yours, ask them if they would be interested in contributing their music to a film or maybe even composing original stuff for the movie.

  • robtalksinmaths 4:52 pm on 09/27/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Hello everyone. As you might know, my name is Rob Talalai. I am an unendingly optimistic and unceasingly sarcastic musician attending Ramapo as a senior. Even though I’m majoring in Marketing, I consider music my ‘living’ above all else – in part because music has a habit of hijacking most of my waking attention span. My parents probably wouldn’t want to hear that… but uhh, ohh well. Although you’re most likely to spot me with a guitar, I also enjoy playing piano, drums (air and real), and anything I can get my hands on. I also compose and produce songs in my spare time. I’ve attached some of my some of my work in case anyone’s interested… below is an acoustic cover of Passion Pit I did for my first recording class. I also scored John’s short film “Minor Transaction”, viewable under the Projects tab on the side of the StF blog. If you’re curious to hear anything else, just ask!

    Other than that, I’m your average dude. I love hiking at the Ramapo Reservation. I can devour a Fat Sandwich in record time. I yell at the TV when the NY Jets can’t score a touchdown. I am always down for an adventure, and working with this team of cool people seems to be my next one.

    I’ve worked with John a few times in the past, and I remain flattered that he considered me for this project. I am quite excited to see what we can come up with. I look forward to helping out whoever I can, musically or otherwise! Feel free to add me on Facebook and Twitter!

    Little Secrets (cover) – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E3WPRSE0


  • John Gallino 11:04 pm on 09/26/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Who else do we need? 

    I’m pretty happy with our founding members so far, but eventually we’re gonna need people with other skills. Such as…

    • Trained actors/actresses for leading roles
    • More musicians, esp multi-instrumentalists for scoring films. A really good pianist would be boss.
    • Start-up make-up artists and hair stylists
    • As Alex suggested to me, someone familiar with entertainment laws and copyrights. A savy law student we could email with questions would be nice.
    • A real good web designer. I mean someone who can code some hardcore PHP shit so we don’t have to rely on wordpress’s limitations when we finally move to our own domain.
    • An enthusiastic producer or production manager. Someone who likes organizing shoots, making phone calls, talking to people and getting the things and people we directors need.
    • Someone who knows Adobe After Effects pretty well.
    • Someone who can make animations.
    • Anyone else you know and can vouch for who may want to get involved.

    Not to say that anyone you suggest will be a new “member of the team” but it will be nice to have their contact info handy when the day comes that we actually need their help.

  • King Roland! 7:10 pm on 09/26/2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Yo quiero Alex. I recently discovered alcohol. As of the past 4 years I have begun work in my future/present career as a full time cashier. I tried interning with a plumbing company in the bowels of New Jersey but never got a call back. I wish i worked for victoria’s secret.

    I am the least qualified member of Shoot the Freak. But in all honesty I believe in people working together to make great things happen. And am honored to be asked to help out in anyway i can.

    i think the one skill i have is i try to not stop trying. a great punk once said “you can never fail if you never stop trying” and so i keep on keeping on. I can play guitar kind of.

    i just figured out the internet a little bit and with that i posted a few of my works. for the past 4 years i have turned everyday of my life into a comic strip. they are really simple, poorly drawn, grammatically incorrect but honest. you can look at some old comics that are about 2 years old or so. at


    (i promise the new ones are better!)

    john is a great guy. and will be famous and rich. so praise him as much as possible!

  • stfsteph 4:41 pm on 09/25/2010 Permalink | Reply  

    steph speaks 

    Hurro hurro! I figured it was about time I introduced myself. I’m Steph. I’m a graphic designer, I also sing and act sometimes when I’m not staring at a monitor. During the Fall 09 semester I interned at CNBC doing on-air graphics for them and over the summer they hired me as a freelancer. Currently I’m interning at Victoria’s Secret working on graphics for the catalog. I’m also the manager of SA Design this year, the on-campus group that designs posters for all sorts of events going on. I love what I do and I’m also eager to help out anyone who needs it. Feel free to follow me twitter.com/stephdispoto


  • John Gallino 11:35 am on 09/25/2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Stephen Colbert talks about his childhood 

    Unfortunately the video is not embeddable, but it’s a great example of how comedy often comes from tragedy. The funniest comedians you know are probably some of the most tortured people in entertainment. They just happen to know how to channel that into something productive.



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    A diary entry in the style of ‘Tales of Mere Existence’ 

    Because this is my blog and I’ll post whatever I want. I’m a big fan of the comics of Levni Yilmaz entitled ‘Tales of Mere Existence.’ You can find them on youtube. Anyway I wrote a journal entry today and realized it’s in a very similar style to his writing, so I wanted to post it.

    Today I woke up at around 8:30, but knew I didn’t have to get out of bed until 10 so I did just that. I went to see Dr. Hirsch and he asked me stupid questions and didn’t really listen and interrupted me a few times before kicking me out of his office after 15 minutes.
    I went up to my school to practice my scene with Gabi, my acting partner, but there was a class going on in the rehearsal room so we went and sat on one of those stone benches by the mansion that look like they’re from the 1800’s.
    We read through our lines once but then started talking about all sorts of other things and found we have a lot in common. She has depression too, maybe worse than me. After an hour or so of chatting on that bench thing, I suggested we go get bagels and I took her to that bagel place in Suffern. She looked through my ipod and approved of my taste in music.
    Then I dropped her off and drove home. At home I told my mom that Dr. Hirsch sucked and that I got a lot more therapy today just talking to Gabi. Then I watched Whatever Works but I thought it was kind of crappy by Woody Allen standards. After that I tried to watch another movie, an old Abbott and Costello one, but I got bored quickly and shut it off.
    I had the urge to play Halo 3 again, so I popped it in but basically got my ass handed to me. After a few rounds, I got bored of that too. I shut it off and now I’m writing this and wondering why things I used to really enjoy don’t really hold my interest anymore.
    There’s plenty of other stuff I could do now, but I’m afraid they’ll bore me too and then I won’t know what to do.
    But at least I made a friend today.


    PS. Here’s my favorite Tales video


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