A Story from Alex

This is Alex’s “In Your Own Words” entry:

Alex's letter to the Steaming Pipe, in comic form

i have a low monotone voice. possibly good for scaring children.

i am somewhat tall, but emotionally and physically fragile.

but in all seriousness. (this is going to be long)

i am a big supporter of productive groups. and i think being united for a good cause is a great thing.

but let me tell you a story.

back when i was at kean university.

the school is run similar to the bush administration, it sucks and the students are fucked over and the administraton….well everything just fuckign sucks.

and is unorganized. and its really wacky.

for instance, there are quite often teacher protests at school. which some students join, by some i mean like 3 because it is a commuter school, about 13 percent of the students dorm. so there is no motivation. it is a horrible place

anyway. so these two kids get together with an idea to start an INDEPENDENT SCHOOL NEWSPAPER\

cool idea. they get a few friends they know to join the paper. you know kids who like to write or are into music or just want to be apart.

simple idea. you get local advertisers and take up a little space with that, and that will cover all costs of printing. and you distribute by hand on campus.

first paper comes out. its a big deal. it is funny and just not what people are used to.

there were two other papers at kean.

the cougar;s byte, which was a school run paper that pretty much just said what the administration wanted to say. it was like bullshit, something similar to foxnews.

where everything is great at kean.

the other paper is… the tower…

which is a one credit course, that students can take and they write for the paper, doing bullshit like book reviews and unimportant stuff. also a student regurgitation of cougar’s byte news ( the cougars byte was written by students, but the students are paid to do it, for minimum wage, and they have to write without anything bad. and completely censored.)

so now that you know what the other papers were like, know that this new independent from the school paper was quite a shocker and a breath of fresh air.

the paper was called the steaming pipe.

to make the story shorter. i saw an issue, met with the editors and it was histroy.

it became a bi-weekly paper i think. or maybe monthly. not sure. but i did comics for them.

all the people in the paper became good friends, bandmates, whatever and it was a good way to meet people.

i loved the paper because the paper actually was the first (via a inside information from a professor) to BREAK a huge story about schedule cahgne or some policy the school was trying to implement in secret….

a big deal for a commuter school.

well, the pipe broke that story. and it was amazing. the administration became really anti steaming pipe and were having people illegally throw the paper away etc…

so ill cut the story shorter

the pipe was great. and with people with all different skills and good things happening. who could complain.

well what happened, is the two head editors saw that they could make this into a living…

they wanted to expand the paper.

a website was made. and all this stuff they were trying to make happen.

they wanted to be a publisher for books and comics (my daily life included) and they wanted to be a record label and this and that.

by that point. many original people had left.

for many reasons. mostly the change in the way it was going.

i managed to get some people back on the boat. because i still believed in it.

i drew a really funny inspirational comic to get everyone back on the boat…

blah blah

so time goes on blah blah im cutting the story shorter or trying

people left. the steaming pipe was attempted into being turned into a business with people being paid to do their jobs they used to do for fun…

and the pipe lost its meaning.

and i think part of that was because the two editors tried to turn it into their career and all about the money…

but they didnt tell anyone until it was way in advanced.

so i guess the moral of this botched story.

is getting people together is a great idea. and being productive and having fun with a bunch of people is the coolest thing.

and art is great albeit music, film, writing, or visual art. so i am totally down for this.

i told the steaming pipe story because i think there is a lot to be learned. and blah blah blah