An inspirational quote for ya

“Some people are focused. Some aren’t.
What’s the old saying about boats? You’re either sailing full speed ahead or drifting.
People who don’t have a plan get in the way of people who do.
In other words: Choose your friends wisely. Don’t spend time around negative people who are jealous of your dream because they don’t have anything going on in their lives.
Don’t waste time with people who make fun of you for having the audacity to want something huge.”
This is from a book I picked up from the library called The Portable Film School by D.B. Gilles. As filmmaking is my personal obsession, almost all the books piled up next to my bed these days are related to some aspect of it. But this quote stood out for me, because I feel that lack of support and too many naysayers in our lives are what stop us in our tracks when we’re on to something good. That’s why I started Shoot the Freak. We have a long way ahead of us filled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but I still believe something good will come of this eventually. You gotta believe.