New Project: Our Lips Are Sealed

Tomorrow, September 18th, 2010 two gay students from TCNJ are going to try and break the world record for longest continuous kiss. The current record is set at 32 hours and 7 minutes by a hetero couple in Germany. The record has never been attempted by two men or two women before, nor has it been held in the US since 2001. Matty and Bobby hope to change that tomorrow morning at 10AM at The College of New Jersey campus in Ewing, NJ. The rules state they must remain standing, never break lip contact, nor be supported or held up by anyone or anything for the entire time. The two have come up with a clever sign language to communicate to each other when problems arise, and have been preparing physically for the event for several weeks.

I’ll be there filming the event for a new Shoot the Freak short documentary film entitled Our Lips Are Sealed, named after their campaign.

I’ll be bringing a friend, Katie Sutton with me to help with the filming and we plan to stay there as long as the kiss goes on, which will likely mean camping out overnight on the grass of TCNJ.

You can show your support for the event and the project by telling anyone you know who may be interested. Also, you can watch the whole event live via a UStream channel the guys set up at

Later on maybe you music folks could do some scoring, and graphics folks could do a poster or something. We’ll see. Just wanted to let you guys know about the project.