They Did It! – Matty and Bobby break the record in the name of LGBT rights

Photo Credit: Dena Lake

Last night Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello achieved their goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for Longest Continuous Kiss. The record was last set last year by a couple in Germany at 32 hours, 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Matty and Bobby, the first homosexual pair to ever attempt the record, kissed continuously without separating lips or even sitting down (the rules wouldn’t allow it) for a total of 32 and a half hours exactly.

Most amazingly of all, the entire event was broadcast live via webcam on, where thousands upon thousands of supporters from all across the globe showed their love and support in the stream’s chat room. Some told us they cancelled their plans for the day or skipped work just to continue watching Matty and Bobby make history at The College of New Jersey campus. The two were surrounded by friends and family who tended to their every need — feeding them juice and water through a straw at regular intervals, holding up a fan to cool them down, talking to fans on the uStream channel and collecting donations from spectators for the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gay and lesbian youth.

Through the miracles of technology, Bobby and Matty were able to communicate with their fans on Twitter and Facebook via texting while they held their kiss. Meanwhile the story spread like wildfire throughout the online gay community and was picked up by The Advocate and Out in New Jersey Magazine, making the front page of their websites. Celebrities such as Hal Sparks and gay House Representative Jared Polis tweeted about the event to their fans, dubbing it “The Kiss Heard Around the World.” Today the story was mentioned on CNN, and Though we tried our hardest to get the attention of major gay activist celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres, our tweets and emails went unacknowledged. Matty did receive an email from someone claiming to be Gaga’s stylist, mentioning that she’s been told about the story but she has yet to say anything about it. We are sure she will acknowledge the event, but she is currently busy rallying to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. News 12 New Jersey said they would show up but never did, however reporters from Out In New Jersey Magazine were present and asked Matty and Bobby some questions after the event for their October issue cover story. We are hoping that more media attention will follow this, and expect to see the record-breakers appear on Ellen or Oprah soon, though this is just speculation and wishful thinking from us.

The story made it on today, and so did my face on the bottom there!

I say “us” because I was there live to film the event for an upcoming documentary. The process for breaking a record is a bit more complicated than most realize, and actually flying a Guinness representative in costs about $4000 from what Matty told me, so the alternative is to have designated witnesses to watch the entire event and then fill out paperwork confirming that they followed all the rules. Because I was planning to stay the entire time to film the event, they had me be one of the official witnesses. In between filming, I got to know Matty and Bobby’s friends and family who were there to help, and had a wonderful time with all of them. Our only source of entertainment was the uStream chat, where dedicated viewers quickly learned all of our names and rejoiced when their favorite “host” came back on camera to chat with them. The original stream hit over 100,000 unique viewers, but other streams were set up by fans to get around uStream’s server limitations, so the amount of viewers who actually saw the event is incalculable. Several have since posted clips on youtube taken from the stream, and Perez Hilton linked the entire last recording segment (we recorded the webcam while broadcasting, but in chunks). Watch it here, and skip to the 41 minute mark to catch the emotional finale.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone that participated in the event and supported us online and in person. It meant so much to Matty and Bobby, and the helpers like me were flattered and amused by the love you guys showed for us in the chat room. We are truly in your debt for making this event an international moment and not just a local passing news story. I will update you on the progress of the upcoming documentary I am making of the event, entitled Our Lips Are Sealed after Matty and Bobby’s campaign name. In the meantime if you have questions about the logistics of the event itself, many of them are answered on the campaign’s official website.

“Advocate love baby! Advocate love!”

  • John (a.k.a. Red Shoes Guy)