Oh look, an introductory post!

I’m Diane. I’m a Communications major at Ramapo, and after this semester I’ll transform into a grownup. Hopefully I’ll have something exciting to post here when that happens.

Right now I work part time at a company that produces magazines for a few counties in New Jersey. I started as an intern two summers ago and I’m still technically an intern, but as we all know, magazine jobs are taking the dinosaur route and interns are the new labor source. This means I get to do real work. The work may be fluffy and trivial, but I’m beyond grateful that they let me do it.

I also interned at a literary agency in Manhattan this summer, which involved spending two days a week reading through unsolicited material from hopeful authors.  The most important lesson I learned there: good fiction almost never occurs, so appreciate the good fiction we have.

So, I don’t really have any projects, just hopes (although I’m taking Writing about Music this semester and I’m thinking of starting a blog based on my assignments). I’m still not sure what I want to do when I graduate–ideally I want a mix of writing, business and reading, ’cause I enjoy a little bit of each.