Yo quiero Alex. I recently discovered alcohol. As of the past 4 years I have begun work in my future/present career as a full time cashier. I tried interning with a plumbing company in the bowels of New Jersey but never got a call back. I wish i worked for victoria’s secret.

I am the least qualified member of Shoot the Freak. But in all honesty I believe in people working together to make great things happen. And am honored to be asked to help out in anyway i can.

i think the one skill i have is i try to not stop trying. a great punk once said “you can never fail if you never stop trying” and so i keep on keeping on. I can play guitar kind of.

i just figured out the internet a little bit and with that i posted a few of my works. for the past 4 years i have turned everyday of my life into a comic strip. they are really simple, poorly drawn, grammatically incorrect but honest. you can look at some old comics that are about 2 years old or so. at


(i promise the new ones are better!)

john is a great guy. and will be famous and rich. so praise him as much as possible!