Who else do we need?

I’m pretty happy with our founding members so far, but eventually we’re gonna need people with other skills. Such as…

  • Trained actors/actresses for leading roles
  • More musicians, esp multi-instrumentalists for scoring films. A really good pianist would be boss.
  • Start-up make-up artists and hair stylists
  • As Alex suggested to me, someone familiar with entertainment laws and copyrights. A savy law student we could email with questions would be nice.
  • A real good web designer. I mean someone who can code some hardcore PHP shit so we don’t have to rely on wordpress’s limitations when we finally move to our own domain.
  • An enthusiastic producer or production manager. Someone who likes organizing shoots, making phone calls, talking to people and getting the things and people we directors need.
  • Someone who knows Adobe After Effects pretty well.
  • Someone who can make animations.
  • Anyone else you know and can vouch for who may want to get involved.

Not to say that anyone you suggest will be a new “member of the team” but it will be nice to have their contact info handy when the day comes that we actually need their help.