Hello everyone. As you might know, my name is Rob Talalai. I am an unendingly optimistic and unceasingly sarcastic musician attending Ramapo as a senior. Even though I’m majoring in Marketing, I consider music my ‘living’ above all else – in part because music has a habit of hijacking most of my waking attention span. My parents probably wouldn’t want to hear that… but uhh, ohh well. Although you’re most likely to spot me with a guitar, I also enjoy playing piano, drums (air and real), and anything I can get my hands on. I also compose and produce songs in my spare time. I’ve attached some of my some of my work in case anyone’s interested… below is an acoustic cover of Passion Pit I did for my first recording class. I also scored John’s short film “Minor Transaction”, viewable under the Projects tab on the side of the StF blog. If you’re curious to hear anything else, just ask!

Other than that, I’m your average dude. I love hiking at the Ramapo Reservation. I can devour a Fat Sandwich in record time. I yell at the TV when the NY Jets can’t score a touchdown. I am always down for an adventure, and working with this team of cool people seems to be my next one.

I’ve worked with John a few times in the past, and I remain flattered that he considered me for this project. I am quite excited to see what we can come up with. I look forward to helping out whoever I can, musically or otherwise! Feel free to add me on Facebook and Twitter!

Little Secrets (cover) –