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  • John Gallino 10:19 pm on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Shoot the Freak goes to The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear 

    The Rally To Restore Sanity Tomorrow myself along with my friends Erik Gavilanes (who I’ve been trying to get to join StF for weeks) and Sean Valverde (who starred in my short Minor Transaction) will be meeting up with fellow team member Meg Vitale and together we will come back with…something.

    We don’t know what because very little is known about the rally even though it’s only two days away. The organizers have remained hush about the guest list, but we expect several awesome surprise guests will make an appearance. However, I can tell you that Erik and I plan to do lots of interviews with other rally attendants and hope to put together a short video in the spirit of the Daily Show’s correspondant pieces.

    Consider it a mini-project. As if I didn’t have enough stuff to edit already. Stay posted for updates.

  • Meg N. Vitale 7:02 pm on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Mixed Messages and Twenty-Something Troubles 

    Dear World, Do you want us to become responsible go-getters, or would you rather still treat us like meddling kids? Make up your mind before you subject yourself to even more ranting posts from similarly frustrated college students.

    College is supposed to be a time where young adults take on more responsibility. Whether it’s working on time management skills, living away from home, and just dealing with how the world actually works, college is a time of learning. Advisors tell you to go out and get summer jobs, work on your resume, intern, and get some experience before you commit to real life. The advice is sound and students get their experience. But, it’s also a structured environment. They apply, interview, and either get the job or not. Not much variability in how it works out and being attached to some company does wonders for the getting in the door. However, when you are only a student trying to do something on your own, the results are not the same.

    As part of one of my classes, I am supposed to be writing a policy paper on an issue that affects adolescents. We were supposed to be working with a non-profit organization based in Trenton so that they could help us in developing the paper by putting us in touch with people and helping us get our foot in the door for certain elements of the research. The only stipulation was that our topic would have to be approved by them since they would be associated with the project, which is perfectly acceptable. Almost three weeks ago I emailed the lady who was supposed to be helping us requesting her approval of a topic we had chosen. I still haven’t heard back from her, but that’s not really the issue. I can admit to not following up. The issue is that we called the place twice after the lack of a response via email and have yet to actually be approved. While I can understand being busy, there is no excuse to go over a week without getting back to people who rely on your answer in order to move forward with a project. It’s really simple; you could just call us and tell us yes or no. We have deadlines, too, and the lack of respect for us really shines through. In addition to the lack of a response from them, we tried another place that might have been able to help us with the research. Although there was no one there that could help us at the time, they took a message down asking for their superior to call us. Nothing much from them either. However, maybe we aren’t being forceful enough. Maybe we need to be more annoying. Call and call and call until somebody gives us an answer. Maybe that’s the experience we need.

    This may just be a fluke case. Maybe us twenty-somethings are not pushed aside for better things, but I just find it ridiculous how they couldn’t take five minutes to call us back. It’s not like we wanted everything they had on the topic. All we needed was one word and it just wasn’t there. If this is the experience we should be getting, I’m not sure I want to even deal with it. Such a lack of respect for anything until it becomes a nuisance and you just have to deal with it. Not cool. At all.

    • John Gallino 7:16 pm on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Unfortunately I don’t think this has anything to do with age. The cynic in me would tell you that people just normally treat each other like shit, and that most people just aren’t very good at their jobs usually because they don’t really like them. They put in just enough effort to keep their boss from getting on their backs because they can’t wait to go home and do stuff they actually enjoy. From my brief time working in an office setting, it’s common practice for people to have to call someone again and again, to the point of annoyance, just to get a simple response. I’ve even been guilty of it myself a few times, deciding that “If they really care they’ll ask again later.” but I realize how shitty that is and try to get back to everyone quickly. In fact that’s one simple thing that is suggested to improve any small business – get back to people with the information they want as soon as you can. In a world where no one else bothers to do that, it commands a great level of respect.

      • John Gallino 7:18 pm on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply

        On a lighter note however, you can take comfort in the fact that your realization of this lack of common courtesy and your devotion to not submitting to it will probably take you pretty far in life. Sometimes all you need to do to stick out from the crowd is not be an asshole.

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    There just ain’t no time… 

    No time left

    Lame stock photo to get you to read this post

    Yesterday I was thinking about how busy I seem to be, and how there’s just no time to do all that I want to do. I wish I was less busy doing this stuff so I had more time to do that stuff. It’s all rather ridiculous, but I’d be the first in line to vote for a 48 hour day.

    Anything that gets in the way is my enemy. Class is my enemy. Often sleep and eating meals are enemies. Things that slow me down and keep me from diving into things are my enemies. I can’t give my full attention to any one thing because I can’t allow other things to be neglected.

    For example, I’d really like to finish my screenplay that I started earlier this year and got halfway through. I do a lot of reading about screenwriting instead of actually writing. I write blog posts like this instead of actually writing because I’m an asshole. But if I ever were to actually sit down and try to write more of it, something in my head would go “Wait a second, aren’t you supposed to be editing those two documentaries? Don’t you have that paper to write due in two days? Did you finish color correcting that last bat mitzvah? And have you noticed you haven’t eaten in seven hours?”

    I’m not the kind of person with no hobbies and no major interests. I’m completely the opposite. If I could, I would learn to knit, I would read biographies of Thomas Jefferson, I’d cold call bands and ask them if they’d like me to make a music video of them, I’d go to those “blogger meetups” that occur sometimes and network with likeminded people, I’d do some freelance editing (whether a wedding video or a horror novel), I’d watch all 86 episodes of the Sopranos, I’d volunteer at animal shelters and learn to cook international cuisine.

    But fuck, man, there’s just no time for any of that. Seems like on the few days I don’t go to class, I wake up, make a sandwich, write a few blog posts and do some photo editing and the day is already gone.

    There’s no happy way to end this post, because it just sucks. But I will show you something that I would love to get into someday and learn to do. Music production. Watch the following two videos and see if you’re not inspired.

  • John Gallino 12:51 am on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Shootthefreak.com is sadly taken, but shootthefreakS.com is not…

    …maybe its time for a name change soon?

  • Meg N. Vitale 11:54 pm on 10/27/2010 Permalink | Reply

    The Issue with Equality 

    The inspiration for this post came from “Harrison Bergeron”, Kurt Vonnegut’s short story about a dystopian future where everyone is equal. I also watched the short film “2081”, which is based off the story and follows it pretty closely. There are still differences with the handicaps and Harrison, though.

    Here’s a link to the story: http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/harrison.html

    And the trailer: 

    I am better than you at some things; I am worse at others.  This is how society works. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It’s how it should be.  Would you really want everyone to be the same as you?  Would you really want someone better than you to have the same weaknesses as you? And if you were better than them, would you really want to be at their level?  It might be tempting to say yes, especially if you are jealous of other people being more skilled at certain things; however, if you were to think about it on a macro scale, society would be screwed.

    Do you really want your doctor to be just as smart as the guy who bags your groceries?  And what about entertainment value? I’d much rather listen to someone with an attractive voice rather than someone who stutters over each word.  Let’s assume no one is prettier, smarter, stronger, faster, more creative, etc.  Then everyone should have a handicap. This handicap would more or less cripple society. And I do mean cripple, since some people can’t walk. No one should be able to. This logic can be applied to any of the things that are being handicapped. What about the intelligence factor? If everyone is equal, then the handicap should be applied to anyone who is not mentally challenged.

    I can the intelligence thing a step further. There should not be any schools since education would be pointless to the society.  The ballerinas should never practice.  Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Let’s assume that some people don’t have handicaps because they are in charge.  It defeats the whole purpose of handicapping. To quote one of the seven commandments laid out by the pigs in Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.  This leads to trouble. Society is screwed.  Fun.


    Going back to my original point, society works because people have strengths and weaknesses.  In economics, international trade works because of the same thing. There are two terms that can be applied to this topic: absolute advantage and comparative advantage.  Let’s say, for example, I can produce 10 books or 5 video games in a day and someone else can produce 6 books or 4 video games in a day. I have the absolute advantage, because I quite clearly am better at making both. However, the other person has the comparative advantage in video games because to make 1 video game, he only has to give up making 1.5 books where as I would have to give up making 2 books in the same time frame.  If we were to trade, we would both be better off because he would focus more on making the video games, which he is relatively better at, and I would focus more on making books. At the end of the day if we trade, we would both have more of both.   If I was to be handicapped and make the same things at the same rate the other person does, then I’d be wasting my skills and the people I might sell my video games or books to would also lose out.  It’s more ideal that I’m better.

    Everyone is good at something. Or at the very least, not the worst at something. And everyone has their weaknesses. Doctors are hopefully good at surgeries. Filmmakers are better at making films. Economists are better at doing it with models.  Society functions because everyone is not the same.  Equality is good to a point. Once it crosses that point, it’s not longer that great. There can’t be perfect equality, as hard as some may try on the educational front with making sure everyone is literate and educated. Some excel, but there will be people who fall behind.

    • John Gallino 12:11 am on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting points. Also helps me feel better about all the things I’m not good at.

  • John Gallino 9:22 pm on 10/27/2010 Permalink | Reply

    Kanye West’s epic 35 minute music video is our generation’s Thriller 

    Beautifully directed (by Kanye himself!) and featuring 9 of Kanye’s songs and quite a bit of his crappy acting, this is not something to be missed. I wouldn’t watch it here though. Go to the site and watch it in HD. Sit back and enjoy something really weird and awesome. Personally I love the crossprocessed color palette (black tones are blueish-purple, highlights are yellow-green) and visual imagery. Though the story is kind of…dumb.

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    [caption id=”” align=”alignleft” width=”… 

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj

  • John Gallino 2:58 pm on 10/27/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    A great improvement on shopping carts 

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    I don’t think my bank likes me very much 

    Chase Bank LogoJust went in to make a few deposits, as I normally do every few weeks when I cash the checks from the weddings I’ve shot.

    This time for some reason the banker asked me to come to her desk and sit down, verify my SS# and then proceeded to ask me questions about my business and how I usually get paid. Pointing out that I’m not “taking advantage of any of the features of my business account”.

    “How do you usually pay your bills?”

    “I don’t really have bills.”

    “You don’t have bills?”

    “No I live with my parents. All I have is small monthly payments for little things.”

    “And how do you pay those?”

    “Its just automatically taken from my account.”

    “Okay do you realize how dangerous that is?”

    “Well they’re from reputable companies like GoDaddy so…”

    Then she told me about this new thing they have where the money doesn’t leave your account until you approve it to prevent overcharging and double charging and stuff like that, which has never been a problem. She signed me up for it without asking then made me log into my Chase.com account but the password wasn’t working for some reason until I just said

    “Listen I don’t think I would really use this. Can we just move on?”

    I think she was a little taken aback, and then moved on to asking why I don’t have a credit card, and about all the benefits of having one. I basically told her I have no need for one. All I do is check my balance online, make deposits and buy stuff straight debit when I need it. She told me about her dad who runs a business and puts everything on a credit card and just pays it off at the end of the month. Personally I rather deplete my funds little by little than in big lumps at the end of every month, so getting a credit card never appealed to me. I know I need credit to buy a new car (which I have no intention of ever doing) and get a lease and whatnot, but I’ve been putting it off for years.

    So finally she got the hint and just gave me my deposit receipts and let me go. I don’t think I want to go back to that bank anymore though. They’ve been trying to get me to sign up for their credit card for years. So I’m probably not Chase’s favorite customer. All I want them to do is hold my cash and fuck off until I need it.

  • John Gallino 12:51 pm on 10/27/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I just think this is fantastic. 

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