Our own Alex Rosen spotlighted in Norwegian newspaper

Alex in the newspaper!
Already Alex has made a name for himself in Norway with his comics.

Alex's work shown at the comic shop

After being there only a couple of months, a comic book shop in Kristiansand showed interest in his daily comics, where he chronicles the mundane activities of everyday life. Today his story hit F├Ždrelandsvennen the biggest newspaper in southern Norway. Check out the article below and be sure to watch the awesome video on the site.


Congrats to Alex!

See the video here!

KRISTIANSAND: – I’m an idiot, that makes many errors. I hope people can laugh at me and learn from my mistakes, “said American Alex Rosen.

21-year-old stock cartoon of all small and major events in his life. Every day is drawn down on paper.

  • I saw someone who did this and thought I could do better. So I started to draw my life four years ago, “says Rosen.
  • The comic is funny and sarcastic. If nothing else, people at least something short and fun to read when they sit on the toilet.

Since August, Rosen from the United States studied by AUC and lived on his own in Quadrature. He says the reason he wanted to Norway is that he loves Turbonegro and that he himself is half Norwegian.

So far he has only written down the events from London in his log book, but plan to sign the days of comics in a short time. He will then give out, “Alex in Ireland” as their own comic books.

  • The comic is very much about my meeting with other people. For example, I ate breakfast with a girl today and it becomes part of the current drawings. In addition to meeting with F├Ždrelandsvennen, smiling American.

The booklets are sold in the shop in Kristiansand Outland.

You can see more from the Rosen cartoons on his website.