John credited in latest episode of The Dog Files

When I have a question about video or film making, I usually call up my friend Kenn Bell. I met Kenn a few years ago at a wedding that we were both working at, when he first told me about an idea he was cooking up for a web show about dogs. The Dog Files would focus on all aspects of dog culture, each one under a different “file”.

Today the Dog Files is a reality, with twelve episodes up online at Some deal with adoption and rescue. Others are about social gatherings like Dog Day at Shea Stadium or an Ice Cream social at the Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. Kenn recently put together a touching tribute to the rescue dogs of 9/11, and in one of my favorite episodes he profiles a wolf conservation and its lupine inhabitants.

The Dog Files is Kenn’s labor of love, and he does almost the entire show alone, including the writing, filming, editing, web design and promotion of it. Each episode is engaging yet short enough to sit through a few in a row if you’re so inclined, but Kenn hopes that this will be the year that The Dog Files gets picked up for TV distribution, and he’s constantly on the phone with producers and colleagues trying to cut deals to expand it into a real half-hour program.

Kenn just put up his newest episode, Pit Proud, about the history of Pit Bulls in America and how they went from being a revered symbol for American pride to the most feared breed in the country. I was happy to lend a hand by shooting some b-roll footage for Kenn and he was kind enough to include me in the post-production credits.

Kenn calls Pit Proud the best thing he’s created yet, and I invite you to take a look for yourself