David Foster Wallace’s Inspiring Commencement Speech

My apologies for slacking on content lately. However, this link is one I’ve had bookmarked for quite a while now. Every so often, I like to reopen it and reread it to remind (re, re, re…. ) myself how to live.

DFW Speech

Now, you might be thinking, “why the fuck would I want to read a speech for a graduation of which I have no part in?” Well let me assure that this speech blurs the lines between advice and words to live by. This is no high-falutin, pompous, overly optimistic speech – it’s visercal and it’s real. It strips away all the bullshit that’s wrapped around a diploma. I’ve always admired straight shooters, and this dude (a fantastic author, by the way) serves up his advice about life after college in a blunt and eloquent manner.