i dont know why im doing this> BUT IM GONNA!

look, i hate to say it. but none of you guys know what punk rock is. sometimes i dont think i do either. and i dont think many people know what art is, or music.

whenever i try to think of what is music and what isnt music, i think of three bands. maybe more. i have grown up with people telling me what music is real/good music and which isnt.

the safe way to argue is. music is expression. and. well this band says someting to me, or is important to me. or influences me. so it is good music. or this band really speaks to me. or they say something really important.

do i speak proper english. no. is english my first language…yes. my only one? yes.


what am i getting at? i kind of lost track. but. i can tell you this. me hearing a Brand New song, or a modest mouse song or a beatles song or any of that “music” it never made me angry.

it didnt make me think. it didnt make me question something. i dont care about jude law, modest mouse wrote some good songs but ultimately, i dont care, they sold out! changed their sound. and i wanna hold your hand is garbage.

rolling stones, made money and fame. alright whatever. gimme shelter, most people know it by now. is the message important- yeah i think it might be. but i think what makes the song, and what is the song, besides rad guitar. is the female vocalist= Merry Clayton. im telling you, when her voice fucking just breaks as she belts those words- its pure fucking magic, that is expression, that is music, that is meaning. its soul. real man. anyone who KNOWS that song. they know what im talking about.

im not trying to tell you what to listen to. or that your music is bad. it may sound like that. and everyone has this opinion of what music is. but i can tell you this-

soul music. Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, and the best OTIS REDDING.

you may have heard a cover of otis reddings song before, its called respect. covered by aretha franklin.


so. music? do you need to be able to sing like merry clayton or sam cooke? maybe not. i sure as hell cant sing for shit.

but who doesnt love a nice catchy pop song?

punk rock taught the world that anyone can pick up a guitar and play it and make what is music?

im proud to be american, because jimi hendrix was american right?

find me a dead kennedys song that doesnt talk about something that is going wrong that needs to be changed. (granted they have some songs talking about not so important stuff)

but just go buy the first album. or download it. they are a punk band, they wont pull some publicity stunt like radiohead. fuck radiohead.

or pick up minor threats album. its all their songs. and every song. has somethign to say. they arent trying to get on the radio. in fact. they are the definition of INDIE. of DIY.

what the fuck is indie? oh its a style of music right? WRONG. holy shit. pick up Our band could be your life (or somethin gllike that) by michael azzerad.

indie means independent right? like bands making their own tour routes, recording everythign themselves, not having a manager, startying their own record labels. playing and singing their own music

right? that could be what indie meant maybe? i dont know. i really dont know. but. when a band, is mailing you an album they wrote, did the artwork for, licked the envolopes to send it themselves, and folded that vinyl cover themselves….that would be what i would call independent. when they own the rights to their own music.

but hey. i dont know anything. im just a dude on the internet talking about music. but if you picked up a minor threat album. and listened to it. or the dead kennedys first album. or a fucking bad brains album. or listen to anything otis redding did…..

you would say, hey, that ashole on the interent was wrong. but. i hate the way this music sounds. they are yelling and saying things i wished i said when i was teenager. i dont know.


the beatles arent rock. NOPE. not rock. but.

John Lennon, i really think, knew what was up.

i heard that john lennon said-

“Say what you mean, Mean what you say. and put a beat to it”

and to me. that might be what music is.

and lemmy. lemmy is music.