I still wonder about Brittanee Drexel

In May 2009, I was working as a pizza boy. I worked Tuesday mornings, which was one of the slowest shifts possible. On more than one occasion I spent the entire six hour shift in the pizzeria without one delivery to make. But the owner was cool and I usually had nothing better to do on those days, so even though I barely made any money I worked there for quite a while.

Fortunately we would keep the TVs on all day long, usually turned to Fox News if not a football or baseball game. So I would spend a lot of those days just watching the headlines for hours at a time waiting for the next person to order a pizza.

That’s when I first heard the case of Brittannee Drexel. She had been reported missing, like thousands of people in the US every year, but something about her case stuck out for me. She was 17, pretty, and lived only a few hours away. She had gone down to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break without her parents’ permission and disappeared. The last picture taken of her was by a security camera at the motel she was staying. The night of her disappearance she was with some friends on a beach and decided to walk back to her motel room alone. She never made it.

That was nearly a year and a half ago, and to my knowledge there’s been no real leads in the case. [Edit: This article may lead to something] Her friends have all been cleared. Though she suffered from depression, its unlikely that she ran away. She left all her belongings in the room. Most likely something happened on the walk home.

So every few months I check on the story again and see if anything’s come up. There are thousands of missing children stories, but I consider this one “mine” and I’m still waiting for it to be resolved. I wonder if Britannee was physically pulled into a car and taken away, or if she maybe bumped into some normal-looking people her age with sinister motives. If she was upset and decided to take a walk around Myrtle Beach before returning to her room, or perhaps too drunk to even know what she was doing.

I wonder if it’s possible that she’s still alive after so much time has passed. If she has a new, perhaps horrible life. A new identity — perhaps sold into sex slavery, if such a thing truly exists. There’s always that small chance that she never wanted to come home at all. Is she maybe living the life of a vagabond? Or is she under somebody’s floorboards?

We’ll probably never know.

PS. This is interesting: Missing White Woman Syndrome