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  • John Gallino 1:10 am on 11/03/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    We’re Moving! 

    That’s right! Earlier than I ever anticipated, fate has forced me to take this blog to the next level. All future posts will be at our new domain: WeShootTheFreak.com

    See you there! And don’t come back here!

  • John Gallino 10:19 pm on 10/28/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Shoot the Freak goes to The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear 

    The Rally To Restore Sanity Tomorrow myself along with my friends Erik Gavilanes (who I’ve been trying to get to join StF for weeks) and Sean Valverde (who starred in my short Minor Transaction) will be meeting up with fellow team member Meg Vitale and together we will come back with…something.

    We don’t know what because very little is known about the rally even though it’s only two days away. The organizers have remained hush about the guest list, but we expect several awesome surprise guests will make an appearance. However, I can tell you that Erik and I plan to do lots of interviews with other rally attendants and hope to put together a short video in the spirit of the Daily Show’s correspondant pieces.

    Consider it a mini-project. As if I didn’t have enough stuff to edit already. Stay posted for updates.

  • Diane 11:03 pm on 10/14/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    A new endeavor 

    Last week I got a completely random call from a literary agent who’s looking for interns. My reaction: hoo r u? It turns out that he got my resume from a contact at a company I interviewed with for a fall internship but didn’t get. We met in the city for coffee on Monday and I took the position. He’s spent the last year or so starting up his own agency and working 60 hours a week (the idea of working that much makes me want to hide under my blankets), so he’s seriously in need of extra help. He’s going to e-mail me a promising manuscript every two weeks and I get to take notes on it and then Skype with him and share my opinion. The whole experience got me thinking about odd or unexpected forms of networking–really, every little effort has the potential to create an entirely new opportunity somehow!

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    Police Brutality: Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man & His Dog 


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    [youtube youtube.com/watch?v=ax96cghOnY4… 

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    John credited in latest episode of The Dog Files 

    When I have a question about video or film making, I usually call up my friend Kenn Bell. I met Kenn a few years ago at a wedding that we were both working at, when he first told me about an idea he was cooking up for a web show about dogs. The Dog Files would focus on all aspects of dog culture, each one under a different “file”.

    Today the Dog Files is a reality, with twelve episodes up online at TheDogFiles.com. Some deal with adoption and rescue. Others are about social gatherings like Dog Day at Shea Stadium or an Ice Cream social at the Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. Kenn recently put together a touching tribute to the rescue dogs of 9/11, and in one of my favorite episodes he profiles a wolf conservation and its lupine inhabitants.

    The Dog Files is Kenn’s labor of love, and he does almost the entire show alone, including the writing, filming, editing, web design and promotion of it. Each episode is engaging yet short enough to sit through a few in a row if you’re so inclined, but Kenn hopes that this will be the year that The Dog Files gets picked up for TV distribution, and he’s constantly on the phone with producers and colleagues trying to cut deals to expand it into a real half-hour program.

    Kenn just put up his newest episode, Pit Proud, about the history of Pit Bulls in America and how they went from being a revered symbol for American pride to the most feared breed in the country. I was happy to lend a hand by shooting some b-roll footage for Kenn and he was kind enough to include me in the post-production credits.

    Kenn calls Pit Proud the best thing he’s created yet, and I invite you to take a look for yourself


    • Diane 10:56 pm on 10/13/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Ahhh I LOVE this. I went to Dog Day at Shea once, and it was amazingly cute. Also, at work I have to find and write little blurbs on local events for every issue. We have a Morris County magazine and I’ve sneaked the St. Huberts’ ice cream social in two summers in a row now after reading about it and thinking it was sweet…so glad to see it’s a big event. 🙂 Anyways, congrats on the credit- this is a great project.

      • John Gallino 11:18 pm on 10/13/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks! Feel free to post up some stuff you’ve written for work whenever you like! Or anything else on your mind. I don’t like being the only one contributing to this thing. It’s supposed to be a group blog!

  • John Gallino 4:51 pm on 10/02/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    For those interested in going to Jon Ste… 

    For those interested in going to Jon Stewart’s rally in DC on October 30th, this site is organizing bus trips for people throughout NJ.

    Rally to Restore Sanity – DC Rally Bus.

  • John Gallino 1:06 am on 10/02/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Comedy loses another one… 

    On September 25th, comedian Greg Giraldo overdosed on prescription medication in a hotel room in New Jersey. Tabloids quickly posted articles about the story reporting that he was in “stable condition” and would be okay. Five days later he was dead. TMZ reported that he had been in a vegetative coma for those five days, and his family had chosen to take him off life support.

    As a devoted fan of stand-up comedy, I was saddened to hear that a very underrated comedian had died so young, at only 44 years of age. Especially because I had seen Greg’s acts on tv many times in several of his half-hour and one hour specials and on the Comedy Central Roasts, for which he was known for being a staple and often one of the funniest presenters.

    Giraldo’s material was different from many comics. To me, it seemed he felt a responsibility within himself to not just make his audiences laugh, but to open their eyes to some of the sad truths and hypocrisies of our society. This brought him some fame outside of the regular comedy world when in 2006 one of his bits was sampled for a track by experimental musicians Lazyboy. The ‘song’ entitled Underwear Goes Inside the Pants touched on societal issues such as the legalization of marijuana, the obesity “epidemic” and the homeless. The song was a hit in many parts of the world and even topped the iTunes download chart. It was funny and insightful, and that made it go viral, with videos of the song on youtube amassing over 300,000 views combined.

    It was a running gag on the Comedy Central Roasts that Giraldo was a failure; a comedian now in his 40s, who had been telling jokes on stages nationwide for nearly twenty years, and yet most people still had never heard of him. He starred in a few TV pilots that were quickly shelved and never had any major film roles.

    Yet behind the scenes he was known in the comedy world as a deeply intelligent and kind individual. Upon news of his death, many comedians expressed their greif on twitter, proving the respect and admiration that Greg really had.

    “Very sad to hear the news about Greg Giraldo. One of the most respected comics I can think of. The world has lost a hysterical man. RIP.” – Aziz Ansari

    Though every report I could find claimed the overdose was accidental, and was definitely NOT a suicide attempt, I have my doubts. As someone who suffers from depression, it was obvious to me that Greg did too. Behind his self-deprecating humor was a man constantly frustrated by his own inadequacies, and perhaps jealous of those who achieved more success with much less talent.

    Today I came across an interview with Giraldo published last year in Psychology Today. In it Greg recounts his battles with failure and self-loathing.

    I’m a total fuckup, honestly. The reality is I’m not this person with this driving “get it done” attitude. I’m a complete fuckup and I’ve fucked up a lot of things in my life. I’m constantly tortured by a sense of failure. I feel like quitting all the time. I feel like hiding in drugs or alcohol. I feel like I’ve failed in terms of what my potential is. I don’t think I’ve achieved my potential because I haven’t worked that hard and I haven’t found the right angles. The reality is, I’m not a “get knocked down and just pull myself back up by my bootstraps and come back harder” kind of guy.

    Much like fellow comedian Mitch Hedberg’s death in 2005 that was initially reported as due to a heart condition but later revealed to be an overdose of coke and heroin, the interview only helps cement my belief that we’re probably not getting the full story on Giraldo’s untimely death.

    On a recent Adam Carolla podcast, Adam I think said it best:

    “I’ll tell you, man, the road baby…it brings out the worst in all of us. There’s really nothing to do but do drugs and beat off….it’s weird but they say the devil makes work for idle hands and nostrils and veins…you’re in a town where you don’t know anyone and you’re in a hotel room — and then, there’s this combination: there’s all the people that went to the show that want to party. It’s all “hey man want some coke? hey man want to do some shots?”…you’re fucking lonely and you’re on the road…There’s two types of brains that benefit from drugs…the low end of the spectrum and the high end of the spectrum are the ones that kinda need the drugs. The inbetweeners, I never felt like they needed the drugs…you’re sort of meth-head dirt-head guys and then there’s the guy who’s own brain sort of becomes a weapon. And this is what happens with stand up…your brain becomes your weapon, and your cash register, and your vehicle, and it becomes your everything. And your brain is constantly in motion, has trouble shutting down, realizes that your entire livelihood is generated by this thing the size of a sheep’s heart that resides inside your skull and sometimes it’s tough to get it to take a vacation…you can’t shut your brain off. Although here’s how you can shut your brain off: you can do a bunch of drugs, you can drown it in booze, or you can put a gun in your mouth.”

    Rest in peace Greg.

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    In the wake of Matty & Bobby’s kiss… 

    Taylor Clementi

    Just days after Matty & Bobby became the first homosexuals to break the world record for longest continuous kiss, a gay Rutgers University student named Tyler Clementi logged on to his Facebook page and posted his final message to the world: “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

    Three days earlier on September 19th, as Matty, Bobby and supporters around the world celebrated the pair’s achievement, Tyler’s roommate secretly filmed him having a sexual encounter with another male. He alerted his Twitter followers and streamed the encounter on the internet–live, just like Matty & Bobby’s kiss. But this time, the video proved devastating rather than empowering. It is suspected that the publicly humiliating incident prompted Tyler to kill himself days later.

    Tyler’s not the only one. In fact, he’s the most recent in a string of gay youth suicides.

    Seth Walsh

    Also on September 19th, 13-year -old Seth Walsh of Tehachapi, California hanged himself from a tree in his backyard. Though he initially survived his suicide attempt, he was put on life support and died yesterday from the injuries. He, too, was reportedly distraught from the constant bullying he received at his middle school because he was gay.

    Asher Brown

    Sadly, there’s more. Asher Brown, also 13, was another victim of school bullying, killing himself with a gunshot to the head just last week in the wake of persistent torment from schoolmates for being gay.

    Billy Lucas, a 15 year old from Indiana, hanged himself on September 9th after years of being called a “fag” and mocked by his classmates for his sexual orientation.

    Matty & Bobby collected money during their event to be donated to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit suicide prevention group supporting LGBTQ youth. Though the donation bucket at the live event had little over $150 in it by the end of the night, online viewers (who numbered in the thousands) were encouraged to donate as well.

    Fortunately, other public figures are tackling the rampant issue of homophobia-perpetuated youth suicides. Most notably, Dan Savage, a syndicated advice columnist and openly gay journalist disturbed by Billy Lucas’s death, started the It Gets Better Project. The project took the form of a YouTube channel on which Savage encourages gay adults to reassure LGBTQ youths that life does, in fact, get better — especially once they leave the narrow confines of high school. Savage’s initial video, which currently has over 227,000 views, features him and his partner Terry describing their own struggles growing up as gay youths in conservative areas. His message continues to grow: the channel itself now consists of over 150 other videos from gay adults telling their own stories and urging gay youths to keep going, marked with a collective reassurance that they will find happiness in time. Watch the original It Gets Better video below, and show your support by adding your own video and donating what you can to the Trevor Project:

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